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Flu Vaccination 2020/2021

Flu Call Centre (Main number) – 01224 555999
Flu Call Centre (Appointment Re-arrangement) – 0345 337 9899

The Practice will not be doing Flu Vaccinations

We now have confirmation from NHSG as to how flu vaccines will be delivered this year. They will NOT be done in GP practices for NHSG. Therefore, please DO NOT call the Practice to arrange or change your appointment.  

Vaccinations have started from 29 September 2020 and hope to be completed for the patients who would previously have got flu vaccines by mid November. 

The “new” group of patients will then get their vaccines. Clinics will start with the 65+ year patients, then the at risk adults, at risk children and then the 2-5 years patients. Those aged 55-64 in the not “at risk” categories will start in mid November.  
Pregnant patients will be immunised by midwives, and P1 – P7 children will be immunised in schools.  
Information on making an appointment for the vaccination will be sent directly to your home address.  

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